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It is our belief that parents and schools need to work together for the betterment of the students. Parents play an important role in providing support and building the confidence of their children. Parents should check some of the tips or activities they can use to develop their children’s confidence and improve their school experience.

One topic that parents reach out to us quite frequently is in regards to the treatment of their children... with the concern of the child being bullied. When discussing this issue with your child we want to make sure the words we chose do not remove the power and control from your child. In every conversation it is important to help a child build and maintain their confidence. Teaching them the difference between  a situation that is RUDE, when someone is being MEAN and when the behavior is defined as BULLYING.  This is a great article to help have this conversation with your child. 

When your child is upset about how they've been treated at school please take the following steps:
  1. Ask the child what happened and what the exact words were. 
  2. Ask how it made them feel.
  3. Ask them what they can do in this situation so they don't feel this way ( do you take control in this situation?)
  4. Encourage them to remember that it doesn't matter what someone else says about them as much as what they believe about themselves. 
  5. Take a moment and discuss some of the strengths your child has with your child and remind them of all the reasons they matter and are important. 
  6. Discuss with them if the action was "Rude, Mean, or if it has been an ongoing behavior."

When doing these things you help build their resiliency and confidence. 

After you have had that conversation with your child please make sure to reach out and inform the teacher of what has been happening so they can make sure to address it.  Should the behaviors continue (when the behavior is REPEATED and with mean intention it is considered Bullying) please reach out to administration, we WANT to help your child. 

There is a lot of great research on bullying and the effects of bullying as well as how to address it. One of the concepts researchers have been trying to share is when you call a bully a bully it actually gives them more power, like a title they have to live up to. So addressing the actions with the correct words (rude, mean, ongoing behaviors) actually takes the power away from the bully and the best way to end these behaviors is to empower your child to be able to address these situations without the words or actions of another person tearing them down. The more you work to develop self-confidence the more you are reducing the chances of your child feeling bullied!

Help teach the kiddos to be problem solvers and you are helping them to have the skills to address this their entire life! Here is another GREAT website that teaches about these behaviors. 

Again, please do reach out to Teachers and Administrators when the problem is on-going so we can help your child!

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