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Welcome To Northmead Elementary School Home of the CUBS!

Northmead Elementary School is a community where we work together with a focus on student achievement as well as student connectedness and well-being. 

Northmead CUBs strive to live up to our motto: -Where Character Counts and College is for Certain. We take a proactive approach to ensure students are encouraged and taught by teachers/staff to promote RESPECTFUL, RESPONSIBLE, SAFE AND KIND behaviors.

The second half of our motto, College is for Certain, does not mean that we expect every student to pick a career that requires a college degree. Rather, it means we expect every student to be prepared to go to college, so they can choose to attend one.

Elementary school is where the foundation is built to ensure that our CUBS leave 6th grade ready for their future academic success.

Please reach out to Principal Jill Zieglar or Assistant Principal Steve Porras should you have any questions. We are here to serve our CUBS community.

Jill Zieglar




Steve Porras

Assistant Principal